5 reasons to shop from a local florist


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The gift-giving season is upon us. And while less savvy shoppers are stressed out with long queues, understaffed registers and full parking lots, smart gift buyers are hitting up their local businesses to find the perfect present.

But a more calming shopping experience isn’t the only benefit to shopping locally. Here are five great reasons to shop from your local florist any time of year.

Reason 1: Better, fresher flowers

Your local florist is faithfully up before the crack of dawn to select the best blooms at the market to take back to their shop, then pass on directly to you. Fewer middlemen means less handling, so your flowers are well cared for. And because a small business florist doesn’t have to worry about what’s the most cost-efficient way to produce bouquets en masse, they can focus on quality over quantity.

Reason 2: More environmentally friendly

One of the biggest impacts on the carbon footprint for any business is transport and freight – getting their product from point A to point B. Choosing a local florist reduces this threefold, because:

  1. Local florists deal directly with local growers, which means a larger portion of their product range was grown near its eventual home.
  2. As the buyer, you emit fewer CO2 emissions to get to the store – bonus points if it’s within walking distance.
  3. For deliveries, local florists will often either have their own delivery staff or use a local courier resulting in fewer ‘empty’ kilometers (i.e. time spent on the road without the product).

Another environmental benefit is because local florists are acquiring stock in smaller batches, there is less waste. Green thumbs = green gifts!

Reason 3: You can talk directly to the experts

Florists are not just vendors – they are artists. They spend years cultivating their craft and are talking to the growers at the flower market on the daily to find the best products in season. Basically, when it comes to flowers and house plants, they know ALL the things.

So next time you need advice on how to care for your succulent or the best gift for your hard-to-buy-for aunt, just pop around the corner to ask your local florist.

Reason 4: The personal touch

Shopping from big chain stores and supermarkets usually means you have to choose from a limited selection of pre-wrapped flowers. But with a local florist, you can receive a more personalised service.

Because you are often dealing directly with the business owner, they can offer much more flexibility. You can customise your orders and they can help you select the flowers for the occasions. If they don’t already stock what you’re looking for, they may even be able to order it in for you. And if you call ahead, an actual real-life human will answer the phone (how refreshing!)

Reason 5: Support your local community

Shopping locally helps build communities. It gives the economy boost by keeping taxes within the LGA (and out of the pockets of multi-national conglomerates) and creating more jobs in the area.

Local businesses also help create a sense of identity in the neighbourhood. Their participation in the community becomes a big part of the history and culture of the area. Even local businesses located in large cities can add a touch of that small town charm to an area.

What are your favourite reasons to support local businesses?

Meet Lisa: your local expert at The Flower Scene

The Flower Scene’s Lisa Carnuccio has been described as no shrinking violet and her rapport with customers is at the heart of everything that she does.

With more than 30 years of experience, she relishes customer connections, works with only the best growers and provides a quality service that is renowned throughout Sydney. Her positivity, expertise and empathy show in her stunning work and is cherished by her loyal customers.

Catering for all occasions, Lisa and her team pride themselves on quality second to none. They are trusted throughout Sydney as a team that deliver every time no matter your needs.

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