Potted Orchids
Potted Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants that come in an array of bases. Four stems, 35cm high.Plant colours may vary depending on avalability
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Single Mini Orchid Plant
Single Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants in natural jute bags. Come in a wide variety of colours. We will choose the most appropriate for the occasion. 32cm high.
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Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants with Ceramic Base
These beautiful potted Phalaenopsis plants – also known as the moth orchid – come in an attractive ceramic base. These little plants need minimal care and minimal water, making them a wonderful gift that will last much longer than cut...
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Cymbidium Orchid Plant
This exquisite Orchid plant with pot will be just beautiful in any home it is simple but has class. One day notice is needed, this plant in season July, August, September.
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Vanda Orchids
Bright and colourful Vanda Orchid posy with filler flower. Just enough to put a smile on someone’s face.
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Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant in a Ceramic Base
With delicate blooms and slender stems, this mini phalaenopsis orchid plant is as cute as a button. Much more petite than their full-sized cousins, these little plants prove that good things come in small packages. Double-planted in an attractive ceramic...
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Poinsettia Plant
With their cheerful red and green foliage, poinsettia plants are a Christmas staple (move over, pavlova!). But with a little TLC and careful planting conditions, this beautiful plant will continue to bring joy year after year. Wrapped in natural burlap, our...
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Large Phalaenopsis Orchid
The phalaenopsis plant, also known as the moth orchid, is prized for its long-lasting bloom. They are easy to care for and are happiest near a moderately bright windowsill, making them a wonderful house plant. This beautiful double-stemmed phalaenopsis orchid exudes pure elegance,...
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Potted Phalenopsis Plants
An array of sheer beauty displayed.
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