Single Boxed Rose with MOR Hand Cream
A single red rose means a promise of love and devotion… but a single red Colombian rose accompanied by MOR Luscious Lychee Flower hand cream means you know EXACTLY how to spoil them. Pamper your loved one with this luxe...
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MOR Body Butter
Ingredients & Key Benefits: Contains Shea Butter for superior skin moisture, olive and grape seed oils with Aloe Hydrates the skin Vitamin A & C help improve the skins softness Allantoin to assist in keeping the skin smooth healthy Glycerin...
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Mor Lip Macaron
Lip Gloss Ingredients with NEW improved formula. 10 grams of perfection. Soothing & hydrating Lip gloss contains Vitamin E to nourish lips Contains Beeswax for healing Adds a sheer, subtle shine to lips The perfect occasion gift This lip product...
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Mor Hand Cream
This hand cream is a mixture of cocoa butter, Shea butter, sesame seed oil, vitamin E, and other things, so you can see why this formula will soothe your hands and absorb completely. A hand cream you cannot be without....
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