Valentines Day


 To everybody that reads this HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. The 14th of February is valentines day,it is traditionally the day love is expressed by each other.Red roses are the traditional gift on valentines  day.The flower scene at roseville chase would like to give you an insight on what flowers and there colours mean so you can decide what you would like to give  on the day of romance.


Meaning Of Rose Colours

Red Roses- proclaims  i love you and is the ultimate symbol of romance.

yellow roses- indicate friendship

pale pink roses- indicate grace,gentleness and gratitude

deep pink roses- have the meaning of thank you

lilac roses- indicate the sender has fallen in love at first sight and is mesmerised by the person receiving  the flowers

white roses-symbolize truth and innocence

peach roses- these symbolize appreciation and gratitude

orange roses indicate communication and desire on the part of the sender

*combined rose colours*

white and yellow roses -indicate harmony

yellow and red roses - indicate happiness and celebration

*more  rose symbols*

single red rose means i love you

single rose any other colour means thank you

two  red roses together iindicates an engagement or marriage is ahead

combine roses and lilies together and they have the meaning of beauty, wealth and decadance

iris- indicate faith and wisdom

gerberas- indicate beauty and cheerfulness and symbolize friendship and good luck.

lizzianthus - symbolize an out going nature and appreciation for that special person

dahlias- symbolize elegance and good taste

orchids- symbolize love,beauty and retirement.

So as you can see flowers are a meaningful gift to send. *The Flower Scene *at roseville chase can send a card with the meaning of the flowers you have picked for that very special person as it adds a special touch.Start ordering for valentines day and* The Flower Scene* will make sure you wont be disappointed.

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